Founder of Transformal Art - since 1994

The Idea of Nothing as Everything, of Finding by Not-searching, has more and more left its mark in Jodd’s artistic expression. He has reached his unmitigated artistic freedom through obeying, subordinating and allowing.
Everything happens as it should.
Jodd’s Transformal Art, he invented in 1994, brings back art to the naked soil, to the primeval horizon of origin, to the meaning of transformation and development.
His extensive portfolio is represented worldwide by KLASAN GALLERY | Vienna & London  and his works are shown at HMH Gallery | Mallorca, Spain  and at SINGULART online gallery.
At more than 100 exhibitions in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, New York, Toulouse, Miami, Aachen, St.Tropez, Bonn, Köln etc. his paintings received enthusiastic appreciation and found its way into many collections.
Jodd von Schaffstein lives in Berlin and works in his studios ArtRaum and Gartenatelier both at Prenzlauer Berg.

The newest work – 3 March 2023

MATXINADA – acrylic/mixed media on canvas, 117 x 134 cm, 2023 – € 9.600

Special offer

From time to time, Jodd offers one very special work of his portfolio at a reduced price. This is a perfect opportunity for art enthusiasts to start collecting his Transformal Art.

ALDELOMICOR – acrylic/mixed media on canvas, 150 x 120 cm, 2021 – € 9.800


SPECIAL OFFER until 31 March 2023 – € 6.500

Masterpiece Collection

Curated by Christian Klasan, this collection highlights Jodd’s most intriguing works from 1995 until today.
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Artistic Cooperation with Christoph R. Giselher Poche

Art historian, curator, writer and art consultant Christoph Poche supports the exceptional œuvre of Jodd von Schaffstein and wrote an extensive dossier regarding his portfolio and his Transformal Art in particular. >>>
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Christoph Poche organizes and curates regular exhibitions in Jodd’s ArtRaum Berlin:

Sept 3 – 25, 2022   “MUTTERLAND”
Transformal paintings by Jodd von Schaffstein based on the poems of Rose Ausländer, german-jewish lyric poet (1901-1988)
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Oct 1 – 23, 2022   “OTHERS – WONDROUS CREATURES”
Christoph Beer, Maryna Baranovska, Ewa Finn und Jodd von Schaffstein reflecting their encounters with the foreign.
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Nov 5 – 27, 2022   “THANATOS – GEVATTER”
Jodd von Schaffstein, Ewa Finn, Maryna Baranovska und Christoph Beer – refer to the greek ‘God of Death’ and to ‘Gevatter Tod’ from german mythology.
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ArtRaum Berlin, Wisbyerstraße 11, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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Themed Series